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Take your training to the next level.

Discover a new dimension in your fitness journey with Alchemy 365's Small Group Training. Whether you're an experienced Athlete or just stepping into the world of fitness, small group training offers a unique opportunity to go deeper into your fitness goals within a tight-knit community. Our focus is on accountability, enabling you to work with coaches who truly understand your athletic ambitions.

How It Works

Each our of our Small Group sessions are meticulously designed to emphasize muscle building and strength development through controlled, targeted movements.

Small Groups are limited to 6 people per session. Your group will meet 1x a week for a 75 minute training session. Plus, you'll have Open Gym access to tackle your 'off' day workouts.

You'll also get access to our workout tracking app! Log your progress, watch demo videos, and hang out with your group for extra motivation.

Who It's For

This program caters to people seeking a more personalized and goal-oriented fitness approach. Whether you're trying to kickstart your fitness routine, seeking to build muscle, or looking for more technical support, our Small Group Training has you covered. With a limit of six people per group, you'll receive 1-1 coaching while benefiting from the group's collective energy and support.

The Benefits
  1. Strength and Physique - Your strength will skyrocket and your body will respond accordingly. These gains will be reflected in the way you look, feel and perform.
  2. 1-on-1 Coaching - Small groups means receiving a level of attention unavailable in larger group settings.
  3. Repeatable Programming - You'll gain a lifetime of knowledge. These program tracks can be used and reused for as long as you want. Take what you learn in Small Group with you for the rest of your life.
  4. New Equipment - Our Small Group sessions introduce equipment not used in our regular classes bringing even greater variety to your Alchemy 365 experience.
The Investment

Small Group Sessions are $299 for Non-Members and $250 for Members. If you're an active member at Alchemy, use the code SMALLGROUPMEMBER at checkout to redeem your discount!

Your enrollment gives you access to a comprehensive six-week program that includes:

  • One 75-Minute Group Session Per Week: Limited to six people per group for personalized attention.
  • Open Gym Membership: Enjoy complimentary access during the program's duration.
  • Access to Train Heroic App: Log progress, view demo videos, and connect with your group.
  • Weekly Emails: Stay informed and motivated with weekly updates.
  • Meet-ups: Engage in community-building activities throughout the program.
How to Join a Session

Scroll down to browse and register for an upcoming session near you - or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we'll help match you with group that aligns with your goals and schedule.


MINNESOTA Small Group Sessions

Registration is now open for small group training sessions at our Edina and North Loop studios.

Train with Hannah Curtiss

Next Session 
May 21 - June 25, 2024
Tuesdays at 5:30PM
at Alchemy 365 Edina

Train with Evelyn Frenz

Sessions Kick Off This Summer
Join her waitlist. 

Train with Jordan Hove

Next Session Kicks Off This Summer
Join Her Waitlist


Fill out this form and we'll send you more info on our upcoming small group sessions. Our team can also help you choose a small group coach based on your goals and schedule.